Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Its all about kinematics when we start "beng0ng2" after study vector :p .. s0 , let me introduce about kinematics in physics .. d0nt be tEnsi0n okEh evEn my english is br0ken .. hihihi .. 

okeh guys ! as you all kn0w , physics is a simple thing that hard t0 understand .. right ?? if wr0ng , just keep silent .. :) .. kinematics is one branch of physics ..

Kinematics is the study of how things move .. its just a simple things okeh ? s0 , keEp rElax yaww :p .. in this t0pic , we will learn about displacement , velocity , acceleration , some equation and many lagii lah ..

Displacement is the change on the initial and final positions of the moving object .. 

displacement is a vector having magnitude equal to the least distance between the initial and final positions , and the same direction with the motion .. understand ?? (i pun xfham
okeh ! look at the picture .. distance from A to C is trough the B .. but!! displacement from A to C , its n0t get trough the B .. just straight to C .. s0 , displacement from A to C is more close than distance from A to C .. :p  .. 

this is the example of graph of displacement .. 

here .. i give you a video about distance vs displacement .. Enj0y !! :))

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lha8SgQ_4fE&feature=player_detailpage ..

fr0m wE,0ursElf and us ! 

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